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The day has come!

New tracks are here! Check them out!

Right now we are adding more tracks to AudioJungle. Since our last update there are 6 new tracks and we have more to upload.

So, keep checking our AudioJungle page and be sure to listen to all of our tracks. We will update the portfolio page here soon.

And as always, thank you for your support and stay tuned!



Sorry guys to keep you waitin’. We were on a vacation, so no new sounds were made during the summer. But that doesn’t mean, we weren’t thinking about music! Be prepared because we’ll make a lot of sounds soon. We would like to double or !!TRIPLE!! our sounds during september and october!
So, everybody – Stay tuned!


Love Temptation and Summer Trip are online!

Go ahead and check them! You can find them in our portfolio @AudioJungle.

You will surely be very happy, because we think they are awesome! Somebody has a trip over the summer holidays, then there’s the Summer Trip! And always there’s some “summer love” so it would be great if you add some music to your summer love memories – perfect for Love Temptation!
Stay tuned guys! More to come! 

New tracks coming!

Another two tracks will very soon hit AudioJungle.
We will update you with more info soon :)


Big updates!

Hey everybody, we have some big news!
Our two new tracks named “Dancebass” and “Happy Romance” were approved and sent to the AudioJungle Marketplace. Make sure you’ve heard them, because they are great! Another great thing is that our site has been massively updated. We have added many things, for example – the login window in sidebar, AudioJungle player in sidebar – and also many other things which you can’t see, but they help us to keep this site going.  And the last thing is that we did complete our portfolio page.
We hope you’ll like it, so go check it out!

All our files can be found on AudioJungle (link to the right or here). Stay tuned!

Two new tracks online!

Yes, it’s true! They were approved yesterday so now you can check them!

Don’t forget to look at our other files too!

You can find everything on AudioJungle.

Yet another tracks!

More and more! New tracks are just around the corner. Be ready for a little more romance, but also for some heavy dance music. Stay tuned and remember to SoundUnlimited!


It’s here! Our tracks are for sale!

Hello everybody!
Our files had been approved and they’re online right now.

Go check them out on AudioJungle.

We’ll be adding some more info to the website soon.
And as always, stay tuned!


12 tracks hitting AudioJungle soon!

Hey everybody!
Today I have uploaded 12 tracks and they will be on AudioJungle soon! They’re about 130th from 180 in queue, so they should be there by tommorow night or Tuesday morning. Don’t forget to check this website and our official twitter for new info.
Stay tuned,


We’re online!

We are very happy to announce that we are finally online and the website is being filled with info. We will be publishing some music to AudioJungle soon, so stay tuned on Twitter (@Sound_Unlimited) or here. Thanks for your patience, SoundUnlimited